Lurçat's Style : A sum of symbols, sensitivity to languages of forms, rhythms and colors.
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Lurçat : Extract from "Human being in glory and peace".
"Le Chant du Monde".1958.
Angers Museum
In September 1941,
while the war came to burst,
Guillaume Janneau director of manufactures of Gobelins and Beauvais, withdrawn to Aubusson, has ordered four great drawboards for tapestry on the theme of the four seasons to Jean Lurçat. In collaboration with Marcel Gromaire and Pierre Dubreuil, he had mission to compose them on the spot . In skein of wools, he henceforth chooses the yellow, the blues, the gray whose he needs.

Years going through thirhteen up to seventeen have seen an increasing production of Contemporary and Revolutionary style of Tapestries.

70_seven_s hanging wall
They were in the straight line of Picasso's feeling but also and especially to the continuation of the leader Jean Lurçat.
Seventies's years 70_seven_s  -:- 70's  -:- 
70_seven_s hanging wall

That periode was called "The Renewal". It is interesting here to notice that it is during these years appears for the first time a bolduc signed by artists and joined with the canvas.

70_seven_s hanging wall
To the crontrary these designs for needlepoint tapestries have all been created by anonymous artists.
Needlepoint Tapestry kits contain the canvas hand painted with brush in full colour by Annie Bouquet 's Studio, yarn, a plated Gold needle, and instructions. The 100% cotton canvas is a double weave antique or white Monofil. The thread is 100% pure wool "Medicis" from DMC France and others dyed specifically for us to Aubusson.
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