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Medievals Tapestries
Until the thirteenth century it is in Paris that the first private workshops produced works of best quality. As of second half of the fourteenth century, individual workshops were established in the center of France in Auvergne and in the surrounding provinces "La Marche".
To the Garden tapisserie du val de loire
These are workshops that one calls in a generic word the "Ateliers de la Loire". The background of the Thousand Flowers tapestries kept its popularity to the fifteenth century and the itinerant lissiers filled out the long rooms of the Loire castel. The word "Carton" comes from Italian "cartone", who returns to a broad paper sheet. In tapestry it indicates the preliminary drawing of a work, in the size of execution; In needlepoint tapestry this paperboard is carried out on the groundwork itself, the canvas. The fact that the artist draws and paint himself on this support confers a great value of the work.
Sublime Tapestry
Lady to the organ dame orgue musee angers
The source of initial inspiration of the design were generally derived from the illuminations of manuscripts and the cartooners had full licence to create their own representations of them.
Hunting the Deer chasse aux cerf
When it prepared a hanging, the cartooner combined several compositions and drew up a report of simultaneity between various scenes or episodes of the same history. This art requires a certain capacity to juxtapose on only one work the events and the separate scenes.
The colors of the medieval tapestries were so rich and so neat that one is surprised to realize how much the artists cartooners had talent to associate them together. The colors were limited to the products of the local dyeings. The majority came from plants, insects, of shells, which could be used various manners to obtain ranges of colors surprisingly wide.
Hunting the Unicorn unicorn hunt
The materials used can vary from one work to another. Wool is generally used, which mainly gives to the tapestry its solidity. The various wool colors produce sublimes results but this matter produces also an incomparable aspect thickness and velvety. Notice that when colors are paint by cartonier himself on the canvas, this garanties that they are exactly the same as the supplied wools. The addition of silk threads made it possible to enrich the relief. Besides we propose to you on request for the background of these tapestries, silk and wool threads mixed with the same proportion.
Needlepoint Tapestry kits contain the canvas in full colour, yarn, a plated Gold needle, and instructions. The 100% cotton canvas is a double weave antique or white Monofil. The thread is 100% pure wool "Medicis" from DMC France and others dyed specifically for us to Aubusson.
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