Lady to the Unicorn and "Mille Fleurs" Tapestries from Cluny Museum to Paris
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Unicorn:0556E Unicorn:0556E Animals of Lady to the Unicorn Unicorn:0556I Unicorn:0556I
Rabbit:0556B Rabbit:0556B Rabbit:0556J Rabbit:0556J
Oak Tree:0556N Oak tree:0556N Holly tree:0556K Holly tree:0556K NEEDLEPOINT CLUNY's DETAILS Pine tree:0556M Pine tree:0556M Orange Tree:0556L Orange tree:0556L
The Lady to the Unicorn is a continuation of six tapestries of the XVIth century and preserved to the Cluny museum to Paris. Five panels represent the fives feel (taste, touch, view, hearing and smell); the sixth represents the desire. To the breadth of these representations is revealed with a lot nobility and distinction charms it the life stately. A traditional blue colors a flowery ground on pink bakground. The totality is strewn foliage and animated birds, monkeys, lapereaux... Very luminous stitched dresses and smooth lines enrich the soul. On each of the six pieces, them heraldic beasts, a Lion and a Unicorn, carry ecus and the banner to arms of Lord The Viste. This last would have made weave these tapestries in the honor of its Lady Claude of The Viste, widow of Geoffroy de Balzac. The Mille Fleurs" style where the monotony is attenuated by a garden where plays is shown the scenery is usual in many tapestry of the XV century period and so either to Loire Valley as to Paris or Tournai. A traditionnal blue colors behind a green of flower, all that fore a rose background.
Rabbit:0556J Rabbit:0556J Monkey:0556D Monkey:0556D Greyhound:0556G Greyhound:0556G Rabbit:0556B Rabbit:0556B
Falcon:0556A Falcon:0556A Lamb:0556F Lamb:0556F Hedgehog:0556H Hedgehog:0556H Pheasant:0556C Pheasant:0556C
We have selected some elements interesting and we have adapted them to the small formats for Needlepoint cushions and murals panel or hanging wall (NB: Panels of the same size may be stitched individually and then joined together to make rugs or wall hangings of varying sizes and design combinations.). With these Needlepoint tapestries is brought to you the sweet taste of the castel life. Truly heirlooms to treasure!
Canvas size: 45cmX45cm - Drawing size: 28cmX28cm.
The thread is 100% pure Wools "Medicis" of DMC and others tint to our demand to Aubusson
Tapestry kits contain the canvas hand painted with brush in full colour by Annie Bouquet 's Studio, yarn, a plated Gold needle, and instructions. The 100% cotton canvas is a double weave antique or white Monofil.
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