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André Bouquet
André Bouquet is a painter born to La Varenne - Saint -Hilaire, at the end of the XIXth century (1897 September 19th). Its renown exceeds very far from Villeneuve Saint -Georges, a small city of the Parisian suburbs, where he resided a small apartment since 1933 and where he has ended its life in 1987. This city of the MarneValley area, where he has passed the greatest part of its life, has devoted him a cultural building to Carnot avenue: "the space André Bouquet".
In the beginning of his career, painter HEUZE and GOERG, members of the Institute, have encouraged BOUQUET's work, and the painter Georges FOUCAULT has prodigy him his advice. His work were subject to many exhibitions in France and through the world.

The naive paint of André Bouquet has been revealed on the international plan by the German television that has undertaken a reporting on this painter totally misunderstood in its country to this period.
André Bouquet has exposed for the first time in 1943 to Paris street to Villeneuve Saint-Georges in "chez Vivien" a today disappeared cafe. He had to wait eight years to finally do his first personal exhibition to the Institute's gallery, rue de Seine to Paris. From then on , he will expose to the Berri's gallery and to the 93 gallery of the Saint Honnore faubourg also to Paris. He exposed to the Grand Palais too and to the "salon des Indépendants" where he was one of them honor invited. UNESCO by its UNICEF branch ordered to him for their greeting cards.
Many books dedicate the paint of this Artist, for instance:
Frenh Provinces through the eyes of Modern Primitives; ISBN 2-903118-16-7
Proverbes vues par les Naïf; Ed. Max Fourny
La Fête et les Naïf; id.
Album Mondial de la peinture Naïve; Ed. Hervas

Museums having acquired some of his works no longer count, as so in France, than abroad. In France you can see works of André Bouquet to the Musée Internationnal d'Art Naïf de Vicq a charming village near Versailles, to the museum of Laval, or to the International Museum of Naive Art Anatole-Jakovsky to Nice , this same JAKOVSKI whom he was being discovered in 1950. Note also in Belgium, the museum of Louvain-la-Neuve.

The work of this tranquil father of the paint has been compared by eminent criticize such Robert Vrinat to Douanier Rousseau and to Jean Eve. André Bouquet owned an indisputable superiority on a lot naive painters, it knew admirably draw what gives to its work an incomparable graphics. Placement aside his technique acquired by an assiduous work André Bouquet is a real poet. He translates from scenes of all days with a such sensitivity that this scene becomes dream and delights you.
The discreet and timid painter became thus a great fellow by its talent and its work, in the absolute concern to respect what he sees by his eyes or in his dreams. The work of André Bouquet is a work that speaks you.